How to Reset Digi Connect SP to factory Defaults

How do I reset a Digi Connect SP to its factory Defaults?

I have it plugged into the network and when I run the discovery utility it does not find the digi device.

The power is on and there appears to be network activity on the lights of the digi-port.

I have the same problem, the SP blinks regulary with the activity and power leds (sync’ed) ~1hz.

It happend after a failed upload of a image.bin file.

Hope that someone from Digi actually monitors the thread?


As the forums greeting message indicates this forum is not intended to be used a vehicle for gaining assistance from Digi technical support staff. It is a method for our customers to assist each other.

If you have an issue that requires the assistance of Digi personel please call us at (952) 912-3456 or submit an online e-service request from the page, Additionally, you may contact our European support office in Germany at 49-231-97470.

If the SP is an Integration kit module, the configuration can be reset to factory by depressing the reset button while applying power to the unit. When the Ethernet activity LED begins flashing with a 1-5-1 code release the button and wait for 2-3 minutes. The unit should then come up in a default state.

If the unit will not boot up at all, please contact us using one of the method described above, as the recovery procedure can be a little more lengthy.

Digi Technical Support

OK, I’'m still new to the Digi world - so I’m sorry if this post was in the wrong place.

The SP is a -C model.


Currently the Connect SP is available only as a development platform. Therefore it would be a -C type device. The part number can confirm this however.


How to Reset Digi Connect ME to factory Defaults???
I’m sorry, but I’m just beginner in Digi world, so I think, that You are the one, who can help me!
So yesterday I was connect to Digi Connect ME, through network cable and put through ftp one default GPIO example, before that this device was real new, and now I can’t reach this device, not ping, not through COM port (hyper terminal), so what to do? How can I restore the default factory settings? The reset button gives no effect, and not even jumper on P12. so please help me!

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