resetting Digi Connect 50 to factory defaults?

I just picked up a Digi Connect 50 out of the $1 bin at a local surplus place. I have been successful at connecting to it via a serial port, but it wants a password to reconfigure it.

I have tried holding the reset button while booting, and waiting for the led’s to go out, but I still can’t get in.

nmapping the network side shows that the unit is listening on 21/tcp, and 23/tcp (ftp and telnet), but I can’t get in that way either…

The only documentation I have been able to find is the pdf of the setup card, which has useful info, assuming factory defaults, but no info on resetting the unit. The default login shown in the setup card does not work.

I’m interested in any documentation or utilities/software for this unit.

there is a jumper J1 (3 position, next to the ethernet jack) that I don’t know the function of, and ditto for header P3.

The username/password varied depending on the image that was loaded on the unit. Try the following, it was commonly used:

UserName: root
Password: Netsilicon