Rest to Factory

I have a Portserver CM 32 (50000765-01) that
has NEITHER a reset switch nor arrow buttons to use
to reset the password and all to factory. Inside I
have a J6, J7, J8, J9 (debug), and a J13. How do
I reset it? I’m assuming jump 2 pins on one of the
jumpers and powe rup, but which 2?

I’d recommend checking page 46 at the following link:

Also, here’s an article from our knowledge base that might be of use:

It will not let me into Single User mode. No
matter how much I try I type in single at the
delay and it STILL asks for username and password
from a normal prompt.

Did you hit a before typing single? That’s the only other suggestion I have.

Yep. No go. It lets me type in single but still prompts
for a userid. No hardware reset on this? What about the debug jumper?

We never used the jumper. I’m not aware of any other revcourse if you can’t get in via “single”.

You should be aware that we discontinued support for this product in Mar '04. Only resources for this product are what we have on the web and/or hardware repair if within the 5 yr warranty.

The last thing we can offer is to RMA the unit. We need the serial number to determine if this is still under warranty.

Any schematis for the board to show the jumpers?