Setting IP address on a Digi Connect ME configured to obtain from DHCP

I am developing a function test for a PCB in mfg that has a DigiConnect ME4 to provide the ENET connection. It is configured to obtain the IP address from a DHCP server. This is being tested on an existing test system that uses this ENET interface for instrument control. I realy don’t want to set up a DHCP server on that network interface. There are many of these test systems with many applications. I have tried using the ConnectProg.exe to set the IP address based on the mac address. Example:ConnectProg.exe /set /mac=00409D997707 /ip= /subnet= /username=root /password=dbps. It works okay to change the IP address, but if the IP has not already been set and is, I get an error that there is no IP address. What can I do?

Are you trying to set the IP from Auto IP range? why ?
are you able to assign normal IP, like