RCI commands not working


I have one Digi Connect ME with a PIC18F connected to it by serial communication.

I want to configure it by RCI commands, but DIGI doesn’t listen to me…

I have:

1-DSR at 3.3v
2-Serial baudrate at 9600bps.
3-I have enabled RCI serial commands.
4- I send characters serial trought UART PIC:


1-I have to put “/n” between commands?
2-I have to change “<” and “>” to “&lt” and “&gt” ?

Please, anyone that TEST with PIC18F <—> RCI comands??

Thanks lot!

Best Regards


Digi documentation is very BAD. DSR signal is activated by 0V, it’s negative logical. In digi’s documentation says that the DSR have to be raised to activeted DSR.

Now I recive the welcome message “…”

But I send:

  • 0x0d
  • 0x0d
  • 0x0d

and connect ME doens’t responds. I think that the problem is that I have all the serial pins with pull-down.

Best regards, Joan

Hello Joan,

Which version of Connect ME are you having?
Can you provde me the P/N? Is this a NDS device? If so you need to configure serial ports to listen to RCI Commands.