RCI over serial not working


I have one Digi Connect ME with a PIC18F connected to it by serial communication.

I want to configure it by RCI commands, but DIGI doesn’t listen to me…

I have:

1-DSR at 3.3v
2-Serial baudrate at 9600bps.
3- I send characters serial trought UART PIC:


1-I have to put “/n” between commands?
2-I have to change “<” and “>” to “&lt” and “&gt” ?

Please, anyone that TEST with PIC18F <—> RCI comands??

Thanks lot!

Best Regards

I have 2 thoughts on your problem.

It might be the change in DSR from 0 to 3.3V that triggers the RCI to start listening. If I understand correctly when the RCI is ready to handle commands, it will send out .

Second, try

You should not have to put any newline characters or make other changes you mentioned to the RCI.