Digi Connect Wi-Me - first steps


My device is Digi Connect Wi-Me -S. I’ve got few questions about configurnig this device.

I don’t have any integration kit and development board, just this devie (Digi Wi-Me -S).

I would like to configure it, but any software can’t find it.
The things I’ve done, are:
I’ve connected 3,3V to the pin number 15.
I’ve connected GND to the pin number 16.
The yellow led is blinking (at first slowly few times, and then quickly all the time)(does it mean that device is looking for network??)
I have 802.11g Wireless LAN Card in my PC.
Then I’m running Digi software (Digi DEvice Setup Wizard) for looking my device, but any device is not found.

I wonder,
-how should I configure my Wireless Card in PC (Ad hoc mode? which channel should I use?)
-Is it possible to configure Digi Wi-Me by Wireless Card, or should I use COM port connected to my device?
-Should I connect Reset Signal (I found that Reset is active low), so maybe I need to connect 3,3V to pin no. 14. (Should I use 5k pull-up resistor?)

What exactly should I do with my device (just Digi Wi-Me -S), to see it in my PC and configure it??

Thanks for any answer!!

Bartek Dycha

-Should I connect Reset Signal (I found that Reset is active low), so maybe I need to connect 3,3V to pin no. 14. (Should I use 5k pull-up resistor?)

No need. It is internally pulled up. You can get the schematics of the board, but I also suggest taking a look at the EVB at http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/3000600102reva.pdf


I’ve the same problem.
Do you know how configure wireless card in PC?

I hope you have resolve the problem.



The problem is resolved !! :slight_smile:

The thing yu have to do are: (in my case it works!)
-connect to pin 15 - VCC - 3,3V
-connect to pin 16 - GND
it’s everything!

Why my device did’t work before? You have to check your power supply device!! I had on input 5V and I used wrong dropout positive regulators (voltage regulator) for 3,3V. I’ve changed it for semiconductor LM1086IT-3,3 (http://www.ortodoxism.ro/datasheets2/1/0355qo4el77o503i8de0gt5648cy.pdf)
Now I use on input 5V, than 10uC capacitor, then LM1086It-3,3 and than 10uC capacitor, on output I’ve got 3,3. And my digi Wi-Me works!!

Before, I had had 3,3 but it hadn’t wroked. Yellow diode had blinked quickly. Now yellow is on all the time (AP) or blinking slowly (AdHoc).

For first use,the best way is use Access Point with DHCP Server (In prd_ds_digiconnectfamily_commandreference.pdf I’ve found that module works on 10th Channel and in BSS mode (looking for AP), but when I connected my module first time, I saw that is not true - you can join to any network - portmode - any, and module scan every channel))

So, just use AP, and than you shuold find your Digi WiMe without problem :wink:

regards :wink:


Hello again

I had another huge problem with my module, nut it’s now resolved. I think I should say about it at forum, maybe it will help new users.

I tried to configure to my module in AdHoc mode, but something went wrong and I wasn’t able to discover my module, my PC and AP weren’t able to see it. I had to do master reset to restore factory settings, but how to do it? I connected GND on pin 14, but it didn’t give me anything.
Now I now that it’s very simple - you need just connect GND on pin 20th for several seconds.



THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I’ve a WI-ME and I had exactly the same problem.I was trying to hard reset it to its factory default settings in the way the user’s guide says, tying pin number 14 to ground for about 20 seconds BUT THE YELLOW(left, looking in front of the antenna)LED was always blinking slowly and the GREEN LED(right) was blinking faster AND NOTHING HAPPENED. The module still without engageing the AP.

But I did exacly what you say, I mean, I soldered a 10K resistor between pin 20 of connector(/INIT) and +3.3V (It is a pull-up resistor to prevent a direct short circuit between - to + when the switch is pressed to reset), and I soldered a switch between pin number 20 and ground. I did just what is shown in the schematic of 3000600102reva.pdf, page 1.
Then I did exactly what you did, I pressed the reset for a few seconds (let’s say 7, more or less)and when I released the reset sw the WI-ME engaged to the Access Point and I could discover it with the Digi Device Discovery utility. It was GREAT!!! (I loose so much hours untill I saw your post)