Digi Connect ME quick question.


I needed to extend my current project by adding remote control through web browser.I didnt have much time so i was looking for something that might work out of the box.I was checking sites when i came across digi’s devices.It looked promising so i called distributor.I have described my needs and they ensured me at support center that i will able to do this with digi connect me without buying integretion/development kit. I placed order for 20 pieces and while waiting for shippment i checked digi’s site and forum
and it appears its rather impossible without integretion kit.
So now im stuck with 20 digi modules and dont know what to do further.I think i was missinformed.
Ive got 2 A/D converters and bunch thermo sensors working on 1 wire bus controlled by uP.I need to monitor their status through web browser.Is it possible to do this with only digi connect ME modules.I need something similar to this demo http://www.digi.com/products/embeddedsolutions/digiconnectmedemo.jsp.
I dont have any integretion/developments board at this moment.
Could somebody help me?
Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, it would appear that you may have been misinformed.

I would recommend that you contact Digi sales or Technical Support for assistance in determining which of our kits, Integration or Development, you would be better served by.

Digi Sales: +1 (952) 912-3444 (U.S.)
Digi Support: +! (952) 912-3456
For additional sales contacts, worldwide, please visit our company web site.