need help with serial -- naserial

A couple of people have posted about this but I haven’t found a reply yet, so here’s my own request. I’m using the Digi Connect Wi-ME with the GNU tools under cygwin. I’m trying to get naserial working so I can go on to build my own application based on its code. I’ve followed the printed guide I have (Net +Works with GNU Tools Programmers’ Guide) for downloading and running a program using the JTAG board. No errors were reported so I assume it’s working, but I don’t know how to test it. Being new to this system, a lot of things are unclear to me. Can someone explain to me in some detail how I can verify that this program is working correctly? For example, the readme says to connect PORTA and PORTB with a serial port. Did they mean to say “Port 1 and Port 2” (of the development board)? If not, I’m confused, and if so, then how can I see any output on my PC if both ports are tied up? (And to further the confusion, the readme’s step #7 says, “Data is sent from com1 to com0 of the […] development board.” ‘com1’ / ‘com0’? PortA / PortB? Port 1 / Port 2? I certainly don’t think there are 6 serial ports, so what are they saying?) Sorry for all the newbiness, this readme is just confusing the heck out of me. Thanks a million for anyone that can help me make sense of this. -Dave

Oops, meant to say “serial cable” instead of “serial port” in paragraph 4. -Dave

I guess they mean the same when talkin about “Port 1” and “Port A”. The numbering of the “com” ports are defined by software. Look at “devices.c” in the bsp/platforms directory for the definition. Normally “com/0” is Port 1 and “com/0” is Port 2. (I use Net+50. But I think the files/paths must be the same for ConnectMe)

Did you end up testing this naserial code on the Wi-Me development board? Let me know what modifications did you make? I am new to Digi’s Wi-ME and this is one of the first things I have to get working. Thanks.