printf does not print on Serial COM

Hello at all,

I do not understand why when I run the first example in my IDE Digi project works but the printf does not print on Serial COM1.


Is this a NET+OS or DEL device? Connect ME 9210?

You’ve listed this question under connectme/wime forum. The me/wime development board has two serial ports. Make sure your serial cable is connected to the correct serial connector on the development board. As a quick test, if one does not work, try the other one. Also make sure that your serial settings are correct. Default is 9600, 8-bit, no parity

Thank you all for your response!
I am using a DC-ME-NET, NET + OS with Connect ME NS7520.
I have not found anything on the forum. The serial settings are correct.
The door is correct, I can try to change it but I do not think that is the problem.


make sure you have DIP switches on dev board set to TXD,RXD,CTS,RTS,DSR and NOT to IO1,IO2,IO3,IO3,IO5. If i remember correctly there is one jumper for enabling tx on dev board near to com port?

if these settings are good… then i would check whether i have all pacthes installed in Digi ESP for NET+OS and then will create a new sample project and will try again.

You might be having NET+OS 7.5, isnt it?
Try chaging the serial cable also, whatif it is damaged? worst case?

Are you able to ping to device? you can set static IP in project and try, to make sure module works fine… the Ethernet leds on module is it blinking?

Or try this…
Dont connect JTAG , just place module on dev board and turn ON, it should print something in COM port… Atleast the leds near COM port, the TX and Rx ones should blink when data is passed. Do we have a OCD switch on dev board? to enable debugging? if so turn that OFF.

These are the basic things that comes into my mind at this point of time

Thanks for the reply!
The switch on the dev was wrong.
I think the biggest problem is that I can not do the update of NET + OS 7.4 because of the firewall.
In fact, in another PC without firewall, the IDE asked me to updates
This can be related to this error on the console:
stackdepth 0x0024B7BC 0
stacklist_lh 0x0024B7BC 0 4.

New sample project on static ip works without problems.


This is excellent information. For anyone looking for this DIP switch. This is silkscreen as SW1. With the board oriented with the serial ports AWAY from you, SW1 is on the left side down by the serial ports. For the settings as described, all of the switches should be on the LEFT side.