Running applications from the "old" DC on the new S-type


Since a few days I got a new DC-ME S-Type. Now I tried to get my application running on the old modules also running on the new S-Type. But it won’t works. Is there any difference? Do I need a new NET+Works Development Environment (I used P/N 40001928_B November 2003)?

There is another Problem, too: The Hardware-Test in the Diagnostic mode fails when testing UART 1 with retCode=1. Maybe this is the reason for the problem above?!
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I have the same problem you have at the beginning, that means I got my application running on old modules, now I get the -S and the MII.c modified.
I have rebuilt the BSP and the application with no errors, but once I have flashed the module and restarted it, it seems not to work!
Normally, I can make printf to be displayed into a DOS window, but now nothing is displayed even when I put a printf message at the top of root.c.
On the old modules, My application root.c started ftp and http servers at reboot, on the -S it seems to no more starts them as I cannot access through ftp command.

Any help please


For All people with the same problem: I received a little Patch form Digi Support. It is a modified MII.c - file. If you replace the old file with the new and rebuild the bsp and your application it will work!


Hello Steffen,

To make your application run with -S module, did you change any memory address block parameters?

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What version of NET+OS are you working with? Take a look at line two of the readme.txt file and provide the build number.

Also, what platform are you specifying when building the BSP and platform?


Well it’s NET+OS6.0B build, and i built BSP and application with PLATFORM=connectme.

The new ME’s use a different PHY (ICS vs. Intel).

The attached archive contians a patch to Mii.c. This patch is only needed for NET+OS 6.0B; all releases of NET+OS since have support for this PHY included.

The archive contains instructions on the patch’s usage.


Thank you for the file, it seems that is the same as I already have and used to rebuild all.

I have the same problem vtr38 had earlier last year.
How did you solve it? I did following:

I took my old NET+OS development environment (NET+OS6.0B
build and rebuilt my application, I received
exactly the image that we use to run on our products. I
replaced the MII.c from the archive above, rebuilt BSP
and my application with PLATFORM=connectme. Of course,
it was different then.

I loaded it in the ME-S module and … it didn’t work at
all. The same was with the naftpapp example and the
template application.

It seems, it doesn’t even enter my application at

I assume, ME is not able to find its interface parameters
(MAC&IP) correctly.

Anybody out there any idea ?