New vs. Old ConnectME

I need to convert my software to run on the new -C MEs. What are the differences (besides the missing bootstrap)? Anyone have a list of pitfalls to watch out for? How about changes to the memory addresses?

I can’t find any info on the differences on the Digi site - anyone know of a data sheet on this?


I have the same problem. I haven’t yet
managed to built an image running on
the new ME-C type.

I use NetOs 6.0e, build the BSP, build
my image. It properly runs on the old ME,
but not on the new ME-C type. The same is
with the shipped examples.

What do I have to take into account to
get an image for the new ME-C type ?

I ordered the update for my ME module, but I can’t tell if they are the -C or the -S modules, there is nothing saying so on the modules themselves. I asked for a -S, but the literature says -C. I am confused.


On my devices there’s the labe
“Connect ME CF/W” for -C type
“Digi Connect ME” for old type
anything else for -S type.

Anyhow I can’t build an image for
the -C type by now, I tried to use
connectme_lsk as PLATFORM, but it
doesn’t build an image.

What is LSK - Legacy Support Kit,
where do I find that.

Dang it. That means that they sent me the wrong one. I guess that I will have to give Cameron a call. I also requested a LSK and didn’t get one.


I got the LSK files on a CD along with an updated SDK when I received the samples of the new device. LSK is for the -S (Standard) version that still has the bootloader and diagnostics in locked flash segments. However, I have still not received any documentation for the LSK.

That is the best news that I have heard in this forum in quite a while.

Does the NetOs 6.0f contain the LSK ?
Or is it a separate package/ CD ?
I have got NetOs6.0e and I can’t find
anything on the LSK.

I received it on a separate CD along with SDK V 6.0e. It shows P/N 40002425A dated July 2004.