Can't flash new batch of ConnectME


We’ve been buying ConnectME modules for a few years now.

Now however, we’ve got a batch that seems to crash when we flash our own firmware.

The ones that’re working are called:

PN: 50000878-03 AA -C

The ones that’re not working are called:

PN: 50000878-03 AD -C

We flash it by ftp. We first flash our bootloader, waits for it to finish and reboot and then we flash our image and waits for it to reboot. When it reboot after the image, it seems to come up and then it disappears from the network. (I assume it crashes.)
I think our NET+OS is v.7.5.

So, what’s going on? Anyone knows what the AA/AD signifies?

The only difference between AD and AA according to BOM is addition/removal of foam insert, so it should not affect operation of your images. you should be able to force those modules in to recovery and recover using tftp.
Open digiESP, install all patches from the package manager, generate new netos sample project (FTP Server), build it in release mode , use rom.bin and image.bin to update the module. Set NVRAM to static IP if you suspect network issues. Does Lin LED goes up on both sides of the cable?

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