printf via JTAG?

Is it possible to use something like printf via JTAG? (For debugging/trace messages that are normally send via a serial port)

Or do I need to sacrifice one serial port for that purpose?

Outside of stepping through your code printing out variables, etc, I’m not sure of a way.

However, if you don’t want to sacrifice a serial port you can use the UDP device for printfs. I.E. switch the output for STDIO to /udpdb/0 (found in /src/bsp/platforms/(platform)/devices.c) and use the udpdb command line application found in /bin/ and run from the GNU shell.

Hi Johan,

We are working to implement standard I/O over JTAG for the NET+OS version 7.3. It is a frequent request to not require the serial port for this, and we are working to solve this. I don’t have a firm date for this feature, but I would expect it to be available in fall 2007.

Thanks for your interest in NET+OS.

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John Leier
Digi International

Any progress on this?
I am using a 9P 9215 with Net+OS 7.3 and the development board. I am attempting to run the A to D Converter example. The thing about the sample is it states that the A/D uses the same interrupt as Serial Port D. This is the port that the serial console port uses so all the printf’s in the example don’t come out. Sort of make the sample ineffective. I have been looking for a method to have the printf directed to a different port on the dev board but haven’t had luck yet. This would work for me although the JTAG “printf” debug would be great.

Okay I found half the answer (elsewhere on the forum).
To move the Serial Console from port D to port B on the development board add the following #define to appconf.h:

#define APP_STDIO_PORT “/com/1”

Make sure that in bsp_serial.h the following is defined for PORTB:

It would still nice to have debug messages/printf through the jtag.

Digi sure doesn’t make this stuff easy:)