SERIAL_PORT_1 in release mode

On the Connect ME, the -JTAG version connected to the development kit, there are two serial ports: SERIAL_PORT_1 and SERIAL_PORT_2. SERIAL_PORT_1 is used for stdio.

In my application, on the -JTAG version using the development board, I’m using SERIAL_PORT_2 (i.e. /com/1) for serial communication with an external RS-232 device. This way, I can still get stdio output on SERIAL_PORT_1.

However, now that I’m getting ready to deploy to a non -JTAG version, I need to redefine the port to be used as /com/0 (SERIAL_PORT_1) since SERIAL_PORT_2 doesn’t exist on the non -JTAG version of the Connect ME.

My question is, does NET+OS automatically disable stdio output on /com/0 and how do I make it do that? Is that a difference between debug build and release build?


Assuming you are developing under the Digi DE entitled ESP, look at the following:

in the “Project Explorer” pane under the project, look for bsp\7_5. Look for file bsp_sys.h. In bsp_sys.h look for the following macros:

BSP_STDIO_PORT defines which port us used for STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR. Define as needed ("/com/0 | “/com/1”…).

BSP_DIALOG_PORT defines the port used for the dialog. Define as needed ("/com/0 | “/com/1”…).

BSP_ENABLE_DIALOG defined where or not a dialog is displayed at all (TRUE | FALSE).

Thanks! That took care of it.