"com/0" and "com/1" question

I am attempting to write a custom TCP -> serial interpreter for an application and have managed to get the TCP part working well but I am having problems opening the COM ports on the Digi ME device we are using.

I am using the DigiConnect JTAG Devel board and Digi ESP devel environment and NET+OS 7.0.

I have managed to get com/0 to open by NULLing any references to it in appconf.h. This seems to be OK and will be used like that in the release but for debug I would like to use the com/1 port that is available on the devel board.

Is there any way to use com/1 ?? I ask because looking at the circuit diagrams for the devel board it looks as though the Serial Por2 maps through to the JTAG socket.

When I attempt to open com/1 in the code I keep getting an error -1 which means that it is already open by another resource.

If it cant be done then fair enough but I would like to get it working if it is possible.


There is support for /com/1, but only on the units that have the JTAG wing!!

You can route your dialog and standard out there, by using the Digi ESP properties, or by creating a new application and selecting /com/1.

Also, make sure to enable the second serial interface in bsp.h (set BSP_SERIAL_PORT_2 to BSP_SERIAL_UART_DRIVER). Please also note that when moving your application over to a JTAG’less module, you’ll need to remove this and the define in appconf.h or else you’ll cause a netosFatalError in netosStartup (i.e. before it hits applicationStart).