Connect ME on development board com port problem

I’m working with a development board and everything is OK when I use the debug on Port 1 (/com/0) and on Port 2 (/com/1) I send some data.

But, when I try to debug on Port 2 and use Port 1 to send data, I’ve got a problem, I can’t open the /com/0

I’ve change the following parameters:
In bsp_sys.h I’ve modify the following parameters to use com 1
#define NA_GDB_COMPORT “/com/1”
#define BSP_STDIO_PORT “/com/1”
#define BSP_DIALOG_PORT “/com/1”

And when I try to open the /com/0, it return a error

I’m using NET OS 7.5

thanks for your help.

OK, I’ve found the problem
I forgot to desactivate the service TCP/serial transfert which was using /com/0