Changed stdio to com 2...LEDs different

I changed the stdio to com 2 since the end product will need exclusive use of com1. It works fine, but the green LED now stays on solid instead of lighting with network traffic. How can I get this functionality back? Its nice to have for debugging.

All I did was change BSP_STDIO_PORT and BSP_DIALOG_PORT to “/com/1” in bsp.h

The program still runs fine (web server and serial console)


Interesting… I put it back to com 0 and the green LED is still lit solid. Program works fine.
But one thing I forgot was to set the second com port to BSP_SERIAL_NO_DRIVER. This is what made a difference. When the second port is set to BSP_SERIAL_UART_DRIVER, the green LED stays lit.

Any ideas on how to fix this if it’s not intended behavior?


Check out the line


in CustomizeLED.C. Not sure why it’s there: we commented it out.

That did the trick. Thanks for the reply!