stdio set to com0, but exceptions still come to com1

Whenever my program has an exception, the error message comes out com0 instead of stdio, which I have set to com1. Is there some config that I can change so it comes out com1 like it should? It’s annoying because the extra data messes up the equipment connected to com0, not to mention I can’t easily see the exception data.

The changes I made for changing the stdio port:
#define BSP_STDIO_PORT “/com/1”
#define BSP_DIALOG_PORT “/com/1”


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Did you do a full build-all and reload the boot block rom.bin as well as image.bin? That may be a factor (just guessing).

Well I did a full build of the BSP. I always assumed that when you debug in the Digi ESP, it loads the complete firmware via jtag including the boot block.

It seems it stems from the fact that the OS uses low level “SimpleSerial” functions for exceptions and it must be hardcoded to com 0. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s changeable…

BTW, I just realized that title is wrong…
Should be “stdio set to com1, but exceptions still come to com0”