Can't "printf" to HyperTerminal

I made sure that APP_STDIO_OUT is defined and set to the right COMM port. I am able to program and run the sample applications, just don’t see any of the printf() commands on hyperterminal. What could it be ? Thanks.

Where did you place the printf() statements

What is the “right port” ? :slight_smile: I am not trying to make fun or be difficult –it is just that to Digi it makes a difference which port is configured for what. - If you had set the stdio/printf to go to com0, then you should not have a problem. - If you had set the stdio/printf to go to com1, then you have to: a. You have to enable the port for stdio by doing the following: 1. Open the board support header “/netos60_gnu/src/bsp/platform/connectme/bsp.h” in case of ConnectME platform. 2. Change the line “#define BSP_SERIAL_PORT_2 BSP_SERIAL_NO_DRIVER” to “#define BSP_SERIAL_PORT_2 BSP_SERIAL_UART_DRIVER” 3. Clean and build the BSP. 4. In your aplication’s “appconf.h” file, change the lines to “#define APP_DIALOG_PORT "/com/1"” and “#define APP_STDIO_PORT "/com/1"” 5. Clean and build your application. Hope this helps.