Printf problem/ C++ running problem

Hi every one,
I am working with DIGI ESP(9210 ME) and I have following problem,
1- I just used one sample project which was explained in Welcome section, I did all steps and I could see the webpage at the end but the problem is that I never cant see ‘‘Hello World’’ which was in printf in root.c anywhere. (I used Digi NET+OS 7.5)

2- I tried to use another sample C++ code which comes from new>project>C++ project>Hello World C++ project
and I follow up all steps inside Help(Additional Help > C/C++ Development User Guide > Getting Started) but after built I cant find Run>Debug option anywhere, and I cant run it to see the result.
I would be grateful if anyone can help. [:-/]

You should verify that your serial cable is connected to Port 1 on your development board which is the defaulf output for this board.

Thank you so much, It works…