Plug-and-play firmware

I have a DigiConnect ME development kit to develop my own software. However, I would also like to use the plug-and-play firmware to use a serial port via a TCP connection. (I think it was called RealPort).

Can I just download it somewhere?

I already found RealPort (for the PC):

And I also found some firmwares:

But which one do I need?
2 MB or 4 MB?

The firmware you show is only good for the -S modules, so you would have to have two different types of non-changeable modules (-S and -C) to support your firmware and the plug and play firmware.
However, if you really want to use Realport with your application, I’d look into getting NET+OS 7.2 as this has Realport built into the development kit. If you have 7.1 you should be able to see it listed as a teaser in the API as well (but not available).

How do I upgrade to NET+OS 7.2?

PS: Switching the module is not an option. It is soldered onto a PCB.

I’d talk to your Digi Sales Representative