Digi connect ME 9210 : Can we use RealPort feature with SPI interface?

We’re working on ME9210. In out project we implement kind of Virtual com via Ethernet.
We’re interested with RealPort,
However It seem just work with UART port on ME9210, not SPI interface, please confirm?
I ask this because in our design Hardware we communicate our processing board with ME9210 module via SPI.
Hope to hear from you soon.

in order to do this you would need the ME 9210 -C module with custom firmware. This firmware would need to be developed with the NETOS or embedded Linux development kits:

the ME with plug and play firmware does not have this ability.

Thanks kjensen8,
For sure we will custom firmware with NetOS, however the lib for realport just support very little API, and a don’t see the way can work with SPI.