Connect SP questions for beginner

Hi All

I havebeen using an Etherlite for aocuple of years now in a home automation environment with great success.

I am now in need of a single port device server for my solar inverter.

I have found a second hand Connect SP CF/W device server but it states that its not a plug and play device and run NET+OS.

Can I use this as a basic device server with the realport software?

If not, what does Digi have that will give me a single port device server to work with RealPort.

Thanks for any help and sorry about the basic questions, but I would rather get it right the first time by asking them instead of making an educated guess.


Yes, you can run Realport application using the NET+OS environment. Once you have installed the DigiESP development environment, select File–>New–>NET+OS Project. Give your project a name of Realport and click next, select your network options and click next. Now you will get a screen with the services your application will use. You can select Realport and click on next or you can deselect other applications you will not be using. Once you click next and then finish you can compile your application and download it to the board according to the instructions on your DigiESP Getting started Guide.