The Connect SP's are custom modules, I need a .BIN NET+OS build.

HI i bought several of this SP’s . I’m able to connect with the serial port to the Boot preferences. I’m able to ping the module but I cant make it to load a web page to config or via web. Does anybody has a good .bin file or a new set of files to load via Ftp? I’m stuck as to what is next

thank you

I have never used these, but I think you need to use the development kit with some form of JTAG or debugger.

You certainly cannot access any web pages until you create and load them yourself. This is what a custom development platform means. The development kit will give you various sample codes - including web servers and pages.

I am hoping you have the -C module which would have shipped with the NET+OS development environment. You should be able to create a working .bin file from within ESP. Whatever you do, you probably want to include ftp as a component of the application. This would allow you to load newer applications.

From within ESP new->net+os project

When yo get to a list on services to include, make sure that http or web and ftp are checked. Also include anything else you need.

Under the project in ESP there are Debug and Release directories depending on if you are building in Debug or Release modes. Whichever there should be an image.bin file created in the directory that corresponds to the mode you built in. You should be able to ftp that image into the device.


I have a same problem. I bought one DiGi Connect SP SF/W RS232 for my project and after when I bought it I realise is an OEM version with out pre load DiGi software (like in normal full version Connect SP). How I can make this unit working as a normal RS232 port via Ethernet. I believe I need Net+ OS to do that. What else. Now when I have this unit I would like to make this working but I don’t relay know how. I will be grateful for any help and support.