Should I build the web server?

Hi Support.

I’m the technical who have to develop an application based an the Digi’s ConnectME module.
I have the development kit. This has the Raven dubugger.
I shuold have firmware version “B”.

The Digi’s module I received with the development kit has no web server active (port 80 is closed, only port 21 (ftp) is open).

I have seen on the folder /src/examples for a sample which can help me in this operation.
I suppose the first step is to obtain a system with a working web server.

I have compiled successfully the BSP (without modifing bsp.h). I read in the manual that this step in necessary (almost the first time).
I have compiled successfully the nahttp_pd example.

But now I can’t go on.

I can’t understand the structure of the system. Have I compiled all the elements I need to make to system working?

Should I link the previous part each other?

Shuold I flash the entire system using the Jtag debugger? If yes, how should I do this operation?