Digi Connect me Real Applications

I am working in a digi Module Connect me 9210. This is the first time I have started in embedded devices. I have a digi module and a development board so i test everything using development board while debugging.

How can i test digi module working without development board and debug because i have some functions in which digi uses static ip addresses and DHCP as well as send data to server when it powers up. I want to see it accepts static ip address when we save it in the flash derive.


You need to physically connect the module to the development board, unless you have your own custom hardware where you are going to plug in this module.
Please see Digi Connect ME hardware reference guide:


My digi module is connected with development board with JTag link to debug and test the application but when i turn on my digi module i could not see the ip address. so how can i physically attach the digi with the development.

If you want to know what the ipaddress of the unit is, you can attach a serial cable to your development board port1 and connect it to your pc. Open a hyperterminal baud rate 9600 and power cycle unit, then you should see the shipping image in your module come up. This has an ftp server which allows you to download the image.bin file from your application into the module.
If you do not have the shipping image in the module, you can run the “FTP Server File System Sample” application on your debugger and download your application image once your FTP Server File Sample application is up and running through the debugger. You can see it running on the hyperterminal.
There are instructions in the NET+OS User’s Guide:
2.7.8. Manually FTP the application image to the device