program connect me whitout debbuger

hello all.
I programme an i2c interface with my digi connect me (because I have read that he have no native i2c). No probleme for write data but when i receve data i don’t recover the true data.
I thing it’s because the debbuger (j-tag) used to mutch process time.

Somebody can explain me how program the digiconnect me for used it without debbugger (i have digi connect me -c in a devellopement kit) and if you have some information or programme for I2c thank.

Digi doesn’t really explain it, so here goes:

  1. Start the -C module with a terminal connected to the serial end (9600 baud) and an ethernet cable plugged in. The Dev board is good for this.

  2. When it says “hit a key in 5 seconds”, hit a key. Type “N”, the password is “Netsilicon”. Set the IPs to something useful. Hit CR to take the defaults on everything else. Let it reboot.

  3. You now have a FTP server that only can be used to update firmware. From your computer, FTP to the Digi module. Use account “(none)” (with the parentheses) with no password.

  4. Upload your program as “image.bin”. It MUST have that name. The FTP server knows that “image.bin” is the firmware update. Important Note: If you want to make any changes in the future, make sure there is some way to upload changes in your image.bin. If you need it I can send you some TFTP client code that does updates.

  5. The Digi will automatically restart and run your program.

Good luck!


thank egawtry
I will like well that you sending me the code of customer of a TFTP client code that does updates.
my mail :

Here is the TFTP client. I ripped it from my much larger application, so you may need adjust it for your application.