Digi Connect ME without JTAG

How can I send a new application into a “factory fresh” ME “without” JTAG ?

Please write step by step.


I have a question - How the heck do you know what the IP address is on a blank ME?



The information is buried in the manual somewhere. You log onto a page whose address is something like:


Once there you can select an option to update the application.

You have to make sure the file format is OK (which the GNU tools do).

I think you also have to make sure your application works enough to update itself - haven’t yet found a way to force an application update.


The address ip-address/admin/administration.htm work on my system.

I see the following contents:

File Management
Update Firmware
Factory Default Settings

Now I would like to download the example (naftpapp => image.bin) into the File Management.
But it doesn’t start with the file.


If you select “Update firmware”, it prompts you for a file name. Then you hit “update”.

Does it give you an error message which implies that it doesn’t like the image.bin file?


Now it works. I haven’t select “Update firmware”.
I have only used “File Management”.

Thanks for your help,

Would not the term “blank ME” indicate that there was no IP address?

That’s what I was thinking, so how do I program a new ME without the JTAG? There is no IP address for FTPing, there is no JTAG to program it, I am puzzled.



You want to make use of the Connect Programmer.

Please send an e-mail request to support.wizards@digi.com, in order to confirm your address. I will respon with a copy of the tool.


Well, Cameron seems to be asleep (two emails and 2 voicemails with no response). I probably have the aforementioned utility, I just don’t know the name. Anyone know what it is called so I can search for it?



You can use dgdiscvr.exe to find any MEs on the network - it then gives you a route into configuring the IP address.
Once you’ve done that, go to the admin page and you can download a new image.

(Incidentally, haven’t sorted out what to do if your image doesn’t support further updates…)


I don’t have dgdiscvr.exe, but I do have dgdcprog.exe which sorta works. I discovered the part, downloaded the firmware BIN file, and now it hangs and also cannot be discovered or accessed any more. Any ideas? I am going to try to get through the Digi phone chain now, maybe someone will actually be there.


Both the Connect Programmer and the Discovery tool require network support specific to the Digi implemented firmware for the Connect ME.

This network support is not part of the NET+Works development kit. This being the case, once you use either of the aforementioned tools to load your own NET+OS application into the ME, that particualar module will no longer respond to these tools.


Thanks Cameron. I know you are a bit busy - maybe Digi should hire a second person who knows about the ME. :wink:

I got the document and the BIN file that you sent me, but the ME doesn’t go to Diagnostic mode like the document says - it just hangs with pin 18 or 19. Any ideas?


Is there any possibility to recover ConnectME without JTAG after downloading software which doesn’t support any method of FLASH update (e.g. FTP) ?

That is what I am trying to do at this point. (The program I put into the Production ME still had a second COM port so it won’t run.) Apparently there is a “Diagnostic Mode” that can supposedly be triggered by tying pin 19 to ground. From this mode you can make the ME update itself with a BIN from a TFTP server on the network.

However, I have not been successful in getting this mode to activate.


Well it works with pin 18 - a bit intermittant on startup detection though.

If I understood everything thas was said …

  1. The best way to keep a firmware updatable consists in integrating the NAFTPAPP example in. As long as the firmware starts and runs properly, I preserve all chances to be able to download a new firmware revision with ftp.
  2. Once an non-operative firmware was downloaded in Flash-Eprom, the solution consists in starting the Digi Connect ME with pin 18 (or 19 ? or both ?) tied to ground. Then, the component enters a “Diagnostic Mode” (some kind of ROM-based bootloader ?) and tries to run a binary image it would get from a TFTP server on the network.

Am I true ? If yes, is this documented somewhere ? Where could I find some more information about the TFTP transfer the Digi Connect ME would request ?


This is true (and it is pin 18). There is a document if you can talk Cameron into sending it to you, but it is an simple interface and you probably don’t need the document. I use it regularily since my app keeps crashing in my board, then of course I can’t FTP in a new image. Also the TFTP method is 10 times faster than FTPing in a new image.

Ok, I’ve dug into this forum and found this old answer. I understand from this that I need to put a FTP server in my app to download a new APPLICATION (not a firmware) ?!?

As I’ve asked this question in an another topic ( http://digi.com/support/forum/thread.jspa?messageID=4073 ) I think it is interesting to put it back on top.

Any confirmation that methods describes here are the rigth one’s ?