How upload my own application in my connnectME without JTAG??

I’ve bought the ConnectMe without Jtag (DC-ME-01T) . But I need upload my own application (image.bin) in this ConnectMe . The DC-ME-01T already has application pre-loaded on the device But I need upload my own application.

I Opened a Windows command prompt and I put the following:

         ftp , and press Enter

        and I appeared the following message:

       "  ftp :connect : Numero de error desconocido"

THERE any other way to load my application in the DC-ME-01T ??

and try from the command line by putting:

         telnet "device ip address"
         password: dbps
        boot load=host-ip-address:load-file

and I appeared the following message after several

ERROR: too many response timeouts

I NEED HELP!!! Thank you

It looks like the application on the ConnectME is custom firmware (Digi’s error messages are in English), so I think you’ll need to find whoever wrote that firmware to see if they added a way to upload an image.

Otherwise, you can try the recovery directions to see if that is implemented.


Is your connectme module on a Digi-produced development/carrier board or is it attached to a board that you developed. The answer to this will go a long way in seeing whether or not you can “recover” the device easily w/o JTAG support.

If it is on a Digi-produced carrier board, look for a header marked MFG. IS the MFG header marked P5 or P9?

II read the link you attached me and I found that I can not upload my own application in modules “-S” .Only I can load my application if my module is “-C”

I have an DC-ME-01T-S , but now I will buy an DC-ME-01T-C to test

Yeah, that’s right. I didn’t know that you were running a -S, you should update your post.

If you have a -S variant of the Digi Connect ME you can not load your own custom NET+OS image onto the module. You must have a -C variant of the Digi Connect Me to load your custom image. DC-ME-01T and DC-ME-01T-S modules are both considered -S modules.

Yes!!! I purchased a " DC-ME-01T-C" and finally I successfully upload my own application

thank you very much to all for your help