How to load firmware in new custom type ?

I received the DigiConnect ME upgrade kit
including a ConnectME CF/W type. Since there
is no firmware on it, I can’t find it with
the discovery tool. So I can’t assign an
IP-address. How can I download the cube and
where can I find a documentation about that?


I’m also interested in such a solution - but found no dokumentation from digi ;-( .

Hello Digi, knock, knock … :slight_smile:


The CF/W modules are shipped with a standard NetSilicon boot loader and a special modified version of the naftpapp example application. This special version of naftpapp allows for the discovery of the deviice on your network by way of the NET+OS Programmer (netosprog.exe).

The NET+OS Programmer is similar to the Digi Connect Programmer familar to those who have been working with the Connect ME prior to the release of the CF/W modules. This tools is installed during the installation of the current release of the development kit, 6.0e.


So what happens if I’ve flashed e.g. a uClinux to the Digi and I’m unable to connect. Can I recover the Digi from serial ?

Btw. why Digi doesn’t offer a module like the armadillo-j (see ?


We will receive soon a DC-ME-01T-C module, but I cannot find any documentation describing how a custom application can be upload in it.
What I understand from this topic is that the embedded FTP server will allow us to upload the app… is that it ? And how does it work ? Do we have a certain delay to make this upgrade (i.e. 5 sec at at boot-up time).
And do we have a mean to secure this app upgrade to prevent our clients to use this FTP server?

Sorry for asking this questions ther, I found a part of the answers I need in another old topic :

Still a big question, at the right place this time :
Do I need to upgrade firmware when receiving a fresh ME-C before FTPing my app ?