Profesional Loading Service

Does anyone know if there is a service avalible that will load the ME-C Modules with our custom developed code and bootloader? Does Digi offer such a service? As we are getting into producing alot of product with the Digi ME and WIME modules it has become quite time consuming to load modules.

We’ve also asked them about this, but unfortunately I can’t find the email with their response. I think that you will need to contact their sales department about it. Of course it will all have to do with YOUR volume.

btw - we have developed a “DIGI” test set that will automatically program our custom bootloader, runtime code, and then test them. The test set can handle 10 at a time (which is just a physical limitation due to the way we built the testset). But, what I’m getting at, is that our production utility will automatically upload both codes and do some type of testing.


Typically, such a service, from Digi, is not available, primarily do to the effort that muct be put into working your customer boot laoder and/or applciation image into our manufacturing process. These difficulties generally extend into our staff needing to work quite closely with the end developer to ensure that certain special software requirements can be met, in order for your final binary images work in our envrionment and produce standard outputs which our staff could use to confirm that the manufacturing process was completed successfully.

The default application image does, however, provide for one to produce one’s own manufacturing process.

As you likely know the default applciaiton image, on all of our Connect -C modules is a version of the naftpapp example. With this example one can connect with a FTP client and uplaod a replacement boot loader (rom.bin) or applciation (image.bin) image.

Provided with our NET+OS 6.0 (and greater) development kits is a tool entitled netosprog.exe. The NET+OS programmer is a Windows command-line tool which can be used to discover (thus determining a module’s IP address) as well as (by way of FTP) connecting to and uploading a replacement rom.bin and/or image.bin file.

I have a set of tools and a script which several of our Integration kit customers have successfully utilized in manufacturing the Connect -S modules. It should not be too terribly difficult to modify this script in order to make use of the NET+OS Programmer and allow one to program, en-mass, a large number of Connect -C modules.

Please submit a support request, regarding the manufacturng of -C modules, by way of our online support request form,