Batch programming ConnectME

I’ve completed my first ConnectME project. I now have to find an easy way to have the ConnectME’s programmed in a production environment.
What I am wondering is, can I just upload my bootloader to the new ConnectME’s with the netosprog tool and let my bootloader then do the work to download an application image, or is a new ConnectME expecting an application image only?
My bootloader will attempt to get an application image from a server. This would greatly simplify programming if I only have to manually program each ConnectME once with the bootloader and then let the bootloader download the application image.

It is an easier way to load the DIGI. However, I advice you to load the bootloader YOURSELF, because if the loading of the bootloader fails, your DIGI will be unable to start again!


The NET+OS Programmer (netosprog.exe) is not currently capable of uploading boot loader (rom.bin) image. This tool, currently, takes whatever file you specify and uploads it to the target device as image.bin (regardless of the name you have given the file).

So as indicated below you should upload you modified boot loader manually (i.e. using your FTP client).

Another thing you could do is to pad the rom.bin (boot loader) image, with 0xFF’s, to its maximum size. The default boot loader maximum size is 64kb. Then take this file and concatenate the image.bin on to it. rename the new, combined file, as rom.bin and using your FTP client upload it to the target.

The design of the naftapp example (pre-programmed in the Connect modules) is such that any incoming file named rom.bin will be written into flash starting at at offset 0x0. The size of the file is irrelative to this implementation.


Thanks for your help.
I was hoping to be able to skip a step in production. I have the ftp server in my application, so uploading the bootloader after the application is running should not be a problem.