Problems at the startup with ME

I am novice in this and i have a Me module who connected directly of the pin his 15 to 3.3V and the pin 16 to GND, but when is searching with Digi Device Discovery does not found and a code of sequence with the led green is displayed how 2-2-6.

How do I solve the problem?

NOTE: i not have a Development board.

I think that the default firmware in custon DIGI is NaFtp, which doesn’t allow DIGI discovery. You have to use the serial interface to set the IP address.


thank for help me.

my DIGI device is a ME-S without development board, how do i can use theserial interface to set the ip addres in this case?.


Sorry, I misundertood you. You should be able to discover your DIGI. Maybe a firewall security to unlock?