Digi Device Discovery Tool can't found my Connect ME

Hello friends,

I’m a student and my school received 6 Connect-ME devices of a donation. We only received the modules, without the development board.

So, we tried to reproduce the development board of the kit and we did these connections:

Pins 7 and 8 (TX and RX) : We connected them to a circuit with a MAX3232, in the respectives TX and RX;

Pins 13 and 14 (VCC and GND): We powered them with a PC source supply;

Pin 12 (RESET): We used a switch with a resistor. The reset is working well.

We just did these connections. Is there others that need to be done? To acess a COM port we used a USB/serial cable. Is there a requirement to the number of the COM port? We’re using the COM12.

We discovered the IP number that is: When I open the Digi Device Discovery Tool my Connect ME isn’t found. What could be the problem? Please I need your help urgently!!!

Best regards,

Marcos Bontempo.

Probably the Digi is configured for DHCP, so if you’ve not got a DHCP server on the network it won’t get a usable address.

I have found that the Digi discovery program doesn’t work in all circumstances; from memory I think the Digi itself has to either have a DHCP-assigned address, or be on the same subnet as the PC running the discovery program, or have one of the ‘unnetworkable’ addresses, such as

You may also need to open some ports on the firewall on your PC (search Digi help for the actual port numbers) - sounds as if this should be your first step.

Do you have the part number? One kind is a connectme-C and one kind is a connectme-S. They use different discovery tools based on a “cookie” that is looked for in the discovery tool. The -C is associated with the NET+OS development environment and the -S is the “plug-and-play” type.

Hello, thanks for replying. The part number is:
PN:(1P) 50000878-01 W
Below of the part number there is other number: 95011130B
And also the code -S.

So my device is a “plug-and-play” type…how do I need to act with it?


Firewalls: Check to make sure that any software firewalls (common examples are Windows Firewall and most popular Anti-Virus softwares) are disabled. These can block the discovery process. Also, any physical firewall will almost certainly block the discovery process as well.

Routers or Switches: Is there a router between the computer running the discovery utility and the Digi device itself? Normally, routers will block the discovery process. If possible remove them and use a hub instead. If there is a switch in between this may or may not be a problem. Occasionally they are configured to block the discovery traffic. If unsure use a hub or a direct Ethernet cable connection. Also, in case the port on your Router/Switch/Hub is bad, try a different port as well.

Cabling: If nothing else works try using a direct crossover Ethernet cable directly between the computer and the Digi device. Another option is to try another Ethernet cable.

Ethernet LED: Check the Ethernet Link LED (Light Emitting Diode) on the Digi device. Is it lit solid? If not, there is not a valid network connection and it will not be possible to discover the device.

Network Adapters: Make sure the proper network adapter is enabled. Also, ensure all other network adapters are disabled. If more than one network adapter is enabled, this can cause the discovery process to fail.

Change Digi Device: If you have second Digi device, try discovering it instead to see if you have the same problem. Though it may not solve your original discovery problem, it should provide you with some additional troubleshooting clues.

Have a look at this Thread:


You must change the Magic Cookie for it to work.

If there is a switch in between this may or may not be a problem. Occasionally they are configured to block the discovery traffic.

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