I can ping the ME but can't Discover it

I have the ME in my embedded product. I can see it’s MAC address listed in the DHCP server and can ping it on the XP command line. I have the firewall turned OFF.

Digi Device Discovery and the Device Setup Wizard can not find the ME.

Any ideas? This shouldn’t be this hard.


Custom or standard firmware?
If custom firmware, use NETOS6.3 to have the discovery protocole, because NETOS6.0 doesn’t have it.


It’s a new off the shelf ME with out any modifications.


I have the same problem.

I use the Digi Connect Wi-ME with the Integration Kits.

I am able to ping my Wi-ME, but I am not able to discover it with the software or to use the webpage on the Wi-ME.

The firewall of my computer is disabled.

As far as I know, the default firmware of custom DIGIs is the naFtpApp, which doesn’t contains the discover capability, nor any WEB page. I think that you have to load your own firmware compiled with NETOS6.3.


As I understand the situation you have a Digi Connect ME -S unit, running Digi’s Integration Kit firmware.

This firmware certainly does support ADDP (Advanced Digi Discovery Protocol). Although there is an option, within the web interface, to disable ADDP.

Assuming that you have not disabled ADDP, as indicated above, I must assume that you have a router or Ethernet switch between the Connect ME and your computer.

ADDP makes use of UDP broadcasts which as you may, or may not be aware, are typically blocked by routers and switches.

Try connecting the ME and your PC directly, via an Ethernet cross-over or a network hub.

If my suggestion does not work please call Digi support services at (952) 912-3456 or submit an online support request at http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/eservicelogin.jsp.