Discovering Wi-ME via Linksys WRT54G router

Hopefully someone has already crossed this bridge and may have a suggestion…

We’re starting our first foray into the Wi-ME (-C version w/ Net+Works V6.3, but at this point we’re just using an off-the-shelf Wi-ME with default programming/NAFTPAPP), and toward that goal we are using a new Linksys WRT54G router (V7 with latest Jan. 2007 firmware). I set the router up to be the DHCP server, and even changed the SSID to “Connect” (but that doesn’t seem to matter). I can get the Wi-ME to easily power up with an infrastructure association, can see the IP address that the router is assigning it in the “DHCP clients” list, can ping the Wi-ME and can even FTP to it no problem.

So all appears good, with the exception that I can’t discover the device via the “Finder sample” program (the standard Digi one, which looks for an ADDP_COOKIE of DVKT, etc.) The finder has no problem finding an off-the-shelf regular wired Connect-ME -C receiving its IP address via the same router.

So, I suspect the problem is either that the Wi-ME’s ADDP settings are not the same as the “Finder sample”, or that the router is possibly preventing UDP multicast traffic from propogating onto the wireless network for some reason. Both sound unlikely, but yet I can’t get the Wi-ME to respond to the finder (or it’s just not getting the requests).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Darrin,

Can you get any further with the NetOSProg utility? Run netosprog /? for options.

  • John


I can only think of two possibilities:

  1. the module has been overwritten and therefore won’t respond to ADDP; unlikely.

  2. the module is responding with some new response that finder doesn’t recognize. Perhaps a wireshark network trace would reveal more clues. Make sure you run it on a hub.

Also, John’s idea about Netosprog is a good one. I’d also give that a try.