how to make more com ports to see digi IA realport.

I am running about 6 digi realports IA and each on has its own IP address but i always have to go into my device manager to change IP address to another one. so i can connect to it via CX-program it use com port4, any help ?

The IP is just a registry entry. There are some ways to update from the “DOS command line” - I’ll ask around and find details. I know we have some large SCADA customers with hundreds of remotes that use this method as they move cyclically polling through their list of remotes.

I too amd using multiple Digi IAP devices with each having its own unique IP address. I also need to know if I can simply define a seperate port for each device using the Digi Realport software so my HMI can automatically talk to all the Digi devices at the same time. I have been told it can be done, but not how to do it.

Can you explain more exactly what you expect?

Is this a local Ethernet solution where you don’t mind ALL Digi One IA/IAP echoing the same info RS-485-like? Would you be able to use an external application to manually switch remotes?