Realport question

I’m working on a project that requires me to convert all of our current 5/04, micrologix, PLC5 processors and panelviews from serial communications to ethernet communications.

I can setup things with realport just fine. My problem is I don’t want to have to setup a separate driver for each device. I have litteraly 100’s of devices. I see the max is 31 com ports, not near enough and would be a huge list to sort through each time I needed to get online with a certain PLC. Is there anyway I can setup just one driver in RSLINX and see all the PLC’s and etc. connected to the network via ethernet? Also keep in mind that the panelviews are connected to the PLC’s serially.
Also, there’s about 13 of us in our electronics group. We each have to be able to see all the machines. So maybe realport isn’t the answer? Is there anyway to use the DOIAP to accomplish my goal?

Thanks for any help and suggestions you might have.

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You want to review this application note from our support site.

The DOIAP can bridge the older CSPv4 (native for PLC5E & SLC5/05) and Ethernet/IP to serial protocols. The CSPv4 is the fastest and most robust, but requires you to manually enter each IP address into RSLinx. The DOIAP can also enable MSG blocks in serial-DF1 connected PLC to target remote CSPv4/Ethernet/IP PLC.

Ethernet/IP has some limitations since how one encaps DF1 (PCCC) into Ethernet/IP is a proprietary issue NOT covered by ODVA, so some Rockwell tools ONLY work properly if something like the 1761-NET-ENI is used as it’s a Rockwell/AB product. Said another way, some AB tools will see the DOIAP as a non-Rockwell product, thus NEVER attempt to send proprietary AB commands to us.