RealPort programming in my App

I have a number of Digi SP 1 and started configuring them as TCP socket communications on Port 2101. That part is working great. We have a legacy app that we did not write that uses comm ports only so I configured the RealPort driver in my XP machine and changed the SP to the RealPort setting. That works fine, but I would like to use my own app to talk direclty to the SP without using the virutal port. I tried using the portion of my app on port 771, and I see TX traffic out of the SP, bit it doesn’t work. How can I make my App look like a RealPort host?

771 is the Realport tcp socket and that’s a proprietary protocol. Your application would need to access either TCP port 2001 or 2101, the standard tcp sockets.

You will need to specify the COM port assigned by the RealPort driver within your application (i.e. COM6), in place of the “virtual” port.

Ok. Then is there a way to have RealPort AND TCP sockets at 2101 configured in the SP at the same time? The Legacy app that uses a communication port(i.e. realport), would never be talking through the SP at the same time as my app is (i.e. TCP sockets at 2101), but it is not possible to reconfigure the SP each time the different apps are used.

That would be perfect ! And I guess that is my real question: How do I configure the SP to be able to accept RealPort Communications on port 771 AND TCP Sockets communications on Port 2101 WITHOUT having to reconfigure the SP each time?

You would set a port as realport from web UI, or #>set port ra=1 dev=rp from the command prompt
By default base socket is 2000, so if you have not changed it, you should be able to telnet to ip_of_the_sp 2101

Not the same port at the same time. However, you can connect using both methods.

Duh. I never thought to just plain TRY IT after it was configured for RealPort. I DID try my app at port 771 and that did not work. It DOES however STILL work at 2101.

Thanks for all of your help.