Realport - Update hostname

We currently have 14 Digi Ones deployed for serial communication over the internet. My problem is that our application can only address single digit COM ports (1-9). I currently workaround this by swapping IP addresses through the command line interface in a batch file. Has worked great up until recently when our IP addresses have been update by our provider (static IP addresses are cost prohibitive). My question is simple. Is it possible to update a hostname (would allow us to use DYNDNS or some other service to update IP addresses) vs. an IP address?

You can update host names the same way you are updating IP addresses.
Open a command prompt, change to the folder where the RealPort driver package is unzipped, and issue this command:
setup /? >setup.txt
This will output all the options you can use at the command line to setup.txt.

I looked through that information and could not find it. I am using a Win 2k machine. The heading is Digi Realport Setup Utility, Version 3.5.316.0. Could it be possible that this version does not support it or it is undocumented?

Sorry, you are correct. Setting the hostname can be done but it appears that changing the host name cannot be done. Newer versions of RealPort also appear not to support changing the host name as can be done with the IP address.

Thanks for your help…I guess I can stop trying now.