DNS resolution on Digi Connect Me


we are up to send in the nature many Digi units that are configured to connect to a remote server as a TCP client, projecting its serial port to this remote server.

=> dummy configuration shown here

We are using the device as it is sold, without any specific development.

Unfortunately, the IP address field circled in red does not accept a name of a host that can be resolved by the DNS. We would like to use a host name instead if an IP address for flexibility purposes.

Does anyone knows how would it be possible to work around this limitation and enable us to modify this IP address remotely, knowing that our Digi Connect Me modules are “hidden” behind firewalls and gateways on which we cannot open ports.

Thanks a lot !!!

Gilles from France


You need a Digi Connect ME 4MB Flash version for this feature. On that firmware you can put domain name in ip address field.

Bob from India :slight_smile: