TCP Client setting domain name instead ip address

I need my DigiconnectME to connect to server in TCP Client mode but the server has dynamic ip so I need to enter in TCP Client settings the domain name (internet address) instead of the ip address.
Is it possible ?


If you either use DHCP or enter DNS settings, you can use the standard gethostbyname() or gethostinfo() calls.


sorry, I don’t understand.
I comunicate with DigiconnectME throught an external microprocessor by serial comunication, so when DigiconnectMe is in normal mode it works like simple ethernet converter so it’s trasparent.
I can access to his internal parameters only when it’s in SPI mode but “gethostbyname()” don’t seem a SPI command

You will need to do some programming. If you are using some sort of prepackaged firmware, you need to get information on that. I cannot help you on software I have never used.


Are you using the Plug and Play firmware? If so, you need the 4MB unit to get hostname resolution capabilities. If you’re using a module that was programmed by some 3rd parties software, you need to work with them in order to identify how to do what you’re trying to do.

I think so, web server says:

System Information
Model: Digi Connect ME
Ethernet MAC Address: 00:40:9D:3B:45:8A

Firmware Version: 2.8.2 (Version 82001116_K 09/16/2008)
Boot Version: (release_82000866_C)
POST Version: 1.1.3 (release_82000867_H)

CPU Utilization: 4%
Up Time: 5 hours 2 minutes 27 seconds
Total Memory: 8192 KB
Used Memory: 4036 KB
Free Memory: 4156 KB

I buy module with Digi firmware inside, the module doesn’t have Jtag connector

Hi Luca,

this is unfortunately not possible. You need to enter an IP address for that field.

how I could fix this?
Would I need firmware customization ?

In my current configuration (plug and play firmware), can I send a ping command to internet address ?

You could do it with custom firmware, yes.

With the plug and play firmware you can ping hostnames, provided you’ve specified a DNS server. Unfotunately though, the firmware doesn’t tolerate host names for the TCP client (homepage -> configuration -> serial port -> tcp client settings).

I don’t know that program, is there a way to send data to different ports on IP addresses? If so, it wouldn’t be hard to write a resolver from your controlling firmware.


kjensen8, I know I can send a ping command manually throught web browser (Administration -> System Information -> Diagnostics) but if I want send ping using microcontroller ?
Maybe there is a SPI command for do this ?

egawtry, sorry but I don’t understand what you mean

Yes. In addition to specifying an IP address you can add the port number to send the data to.

If you can choose the IP and port, then just manage the DNS yourself.

Build the DNS packet (there are dozens of examples out there), send it to the DNS server, get the result, and use it.

If you are having trouble, I would suggest taking a look at “TCP/IP Illustrated: Volume 1” by Richard Stevens. It explains everything very well.

I’m not sure I understand the question. I believe you are asking how to have the ME forward TCP data to a specified IP and port number. The answer is going to depend.

If you are writing custom firmware with one of the digi development kits, then yes, but you’d have to write this feature yourself. If you are working with digi premade plug and play firmware, the answer is yes. Those features can be set from the (web interface homepage -> configuration -> serial port -> tcp client settings).

If this doesn’t answer your question, please provide more information on the answer you are looking for.