When does a Digi serial device translate a DNS name for sending data?

We have a number of Digi devices: Digi Connects, PortServers and Digi Ones. All of them are set to use a dot-quad address when sending data to a host from a serial device. We would like to switch to using a DNS name but there are times when we will have to change the translation of the name on the DNS server on-the-fly. Do Digi devices check the translation every time they send data (and thus see the change the moment it is made) or do they only check it once during startup and cache the translated address so that every time we change the translation we’ll have to cycle the power on the Digi device?


Exactly what field or setting are you referring to, with regards to the IP address/DNS name?

For instance, on a PortServer TS 4, when you click Configure, Ports, (a particular port), Advanced, UDP Serial, the serial destinations include a description name and an IP Address. If you use a DNS name for that address, when is the name translated? (The port server may be a bad example, its the only device I have access to right now and I’m not 100% sure you can put a DNS name there. But we do have other devices where the help pages do say you can use a DNS name for a destination address for serial data.)

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find an answer to this in the documentation, so you may have to do some testing to see what’s required for the value change to be updated (for example, if rebooting the Digi device is required). You might also want to experiment and see if something else (other than rebooting) gets the value updated, such as closing any related sessions. See page 13 of the Command Reference document, linked below, for example / for more information.


No prob. It’s not something most folks have to worry about. Thanks for the info!