Port naming options

Hi, I tried to search the forum and the docs but didn’t find antything that could help me further. I am fairly new to Digis so this might be a basic question.

I am trying to list the hostnames of each Windows system connected to each Digi port on the Port Connection Page in the Web interface. If you go to ‘Serial Port’ -> ‘Configuration’ -> Select a Port -> 'Port Title" … there’s a field that says “Port Naming Rule” and the current variables are “$OS$.$HOSTNAME$.port$#$”.

What this gives me as a Port title for the machine that is connected is: “Windows.Server.2003.SAC.port2”

I would like to display the actual hostname of each machine connected to the Digi. What variables do I need to use to pull this information or how can I set this up? Any advice?


  • Philipp

It’s been 1.5 years - and no reply from the DIGI Support Team yet??

The original customer opened a case with tech support:

His case was resolved on 6/12/09 by him modifying the /tmp/cnf/active_detect script.