Hostname netos

How would one setup a hostname on a digi connectme or similar netos60/threadx device?

From a different post and the bsp code, I see that HOST_NAME is DHCP option 12. I also found a function in the bsp, SendDhcpRequest(), that calls “addOption()” functions. I tried adding one for HOST_NAME, but it does not seem like it worked.

Any idea what I may be missing?
Are there any examples of adding additional DHCP options?


Check out the desired_params field in the configAceDhcpInfo structure, this is where you’ll want to add all your end user parameters. Also, I’ve attached a useful guide from Digi.


One other thing… It worked, partially. I can go into my router and view the active IP table and see the hostname that I specified…

However, when I ping or http://, I do not receive any response. Any ideas?


Your DHCP server has to support option 12 as well, if it doesn’t then it won’t work. You might consider verifying the DHCP server is setup to support option 12, and then verify that option 12 is being passed to the DHCP server from the ME with a network sniffer (

Well, I have two PC’s, one w/Win 98 and the other w/Win XP on a private network w/the digi board and I am able to ping each from the other. The router can also pull the hostname correctly from the digi board. I added Host Name and Vendor options exactly like your document said.

Any other possibilites/ideas?


I hooked up the digi to my company network and the hostname worked…

How is the hostname propery different on PCs versus the digi?