slave menu config console vs web port title

I’m trying to figure out how to config the port titles on the slave units.
I only want to do this in one place.
Under the clustering config menu >>> advanced >> individual port conf there is a wat to set “Title at master unit” but it only seems to apply to the web access. i.e. if I ssh into the master, select the slave, none of those changes to the port title show up.

Do i really need to go and config the names on each slave unit?


Before answering I need to know if you have the CM or Passport?

Also, what firmware rev? System status & log->System status

Welcome to Digi CM 16 configuration page
Current time : 04/13/2007 14:41:32 F/W REV. : v1.9.2
Serial No. : V64985700


In this case, clustering works the opposite way. You want to make sure your slaves are set to “Update master on changes”. But still, you need to change the port title names on the slaves in order for the slave and master to be in sync.

Depending on what you’re hooking up, Auto Device Recognition (ADR) might be an option? If the CM is able to detect the device you are connecting (see users guide), it will automatically populate the port title.

OK thanks.
I seem to have understood the port naming where’s and how’s.
It’s a bit confusing.

My only remaining ? then is what the following page is for on the master?


under the config cluster –> slave ip –> advanced –> individual port config.



Most often the “Advanced” page is used for setting your “Source ports” for the slaves. However, the Port title could also be changed here for those only allowing users access to slaves via the Master serial port connection page.