Authentication for a slave

I’m trying to set up my CM’s with Port Clustering. I have set up the slave so that the authentication mode is “master authentication”. But, it does not seem to work that way. I can not log into the slave with accounts from the master. What could I be doing wrong?

Firmware 1.9.2
Master: Digi CM32
Slave: Digi CM48

With Master auth. It is designed in that you would be accessing slaves thru the Master.

When connecting directly to a slave, it uses the local user database.


I think that is what I am doing. I go into the master port access menu. I select Slave, then one of the ports on the slave. I then need to authenticat to connect to the port – it is there where it is not allowing me to use my master login/pw. Shouldn’t that take my master login/pw and authenticate there and not try to do so locally?

Yes, that should’ve worked. Lets step back and check a few things.

On the slave:
–Cluster set to slave/master/update master. Port access menu and ports should have Auth=Local.

–You should set up the slave first before configuring Master.

On the Master:
–Cluster set to Master. Select a slave and its IP, then select “Auto config”. Once it finishes it should show auth=master and yes=update master. Now save/apply.

Logging into the master and selecting port access menu (PAM) in the connection page. Login to PAM, select Slave, login to slaves PAM and select port. Should use the Master database.

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