Login accountt for all serial ports on Digis??

I have a number of Digi CM units (32 & 48 ports models) running firmware from to 1.6.5. A number of them prompt for a user account when accessing a port. I see how to activate this authentication via the “all serial ports>authentication>local” selection, but where do you set what user account is used for this access??

If I follow you correctly? User access can be set per port or “all” ports under the “User access ctrl” section. You can set a restricted or permitted user list. Please refer to the CM User’s Guide for a further description.

Also, I emailed you yesterday regarding /etc/issue. Did you resolve this? Testing here and I have it set, even after reboots.

under “all serial ports>user access control>user permissions” the access is set to everyone for port only.
Does this mean any valid user & password combination will work??
I have not tried the /etc/issue further just yet. Will gte back to it soon.

Correct. Few Examples:
– port checked.
–“David” port not checked.
Everyone except “David” has port access.

– port not checked.
–“David” port checked.
Only “David” has port access.

Hope this helps.

Tested a few things and now understand what is going on.

So everyone setting means the admin account and any other account(s) you add excluding the root account.

Part of the problem is we are also bumping into the “special characters not recognized in passwords” issue in lower fw revs

Regarding accounts, you are correct.

Enhanced password security has been added in 1.7.0.