Correct firmware for 50001207-01 AD

Looking to verify the right firmware for 50001207-01 AD.
PortServer TS 16 - part # 50001207 Revision F and Greater
PortServer TS 16 - part # 50001207 Revision E and lower

I think it’s the 2nd one, but it all depends on the interpretation of greater vs lower. I don’t want to guess since I already had a digi go Tango Uniform after a firmware upgrade.

Actually it is the first one since the hardware letter revision has double characters, which means it passed A through Z and started over as AA, AB, AC and now AD. The latest firmware version for this product is here:

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UPDATE: I’m used to (and prefer) to do everything CLI since I have an LOONG background in unix. I couldn’t find CLI instructions for the firmware so I used the gui. While I was in there, I used the gui to enable port access to the ports I’m setting up (also had problems finding exact CLI instructions for that). Now I can procede to creating menus for the port user, which will be me, but I want a separate account to access ports vs digi/root access. Thanks again for all your help, hopefully I won’t be needing to post any more questions.

Sounds like the following article would be useful:

This shows how to add a user, force port login and menu creation from the CLI.